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Make video and voice calls at no cost with an Android device

Make video and voice calls at no cost with an Android device

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Program license: Free

Program by: Tango

Version: 8.31.1683801807

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


Program license

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With Tango, you can do more than just send a message or make a call.

This is an app that brings life to the messages that you send. The calls and messages are free, making it an app that can be used by those who are looking for a way to stay in touch with family and friends without spending a lot of money. You can use the program on a variety of sources, such as a tablet or a phone.

Tango can be used to talk to people across the world as the signal is exceptional. You can send a simple message or view the other person in a video call. There is also the option to take a picture or two to send to the other person. A fun feature of Tango is that you can add one of the many filters or stickers on the pictures and videos that you send. From sports backgrounds that make it look like you're in the game to changing the way that your face looks so that you appear like an animal, there are several ways that you can have a little fun with talking to someone else.

Another feature with the program is that you can play games with the people you talk to, such as word games or card games. Follow the people who are important to you, interacting with them at any time and viewing some of the activities that they recently did during the day.


  • Stickers and filters make images fun
  • Follow people you talk to
  • Free messaging system


  • Quite a few ads
  • Can receive messages from people you don't know

Tango is a messaging application with video calling capabilities. You use the application on your personal computer to connect with Android users. If any of your friends or family have Tango on their wireless network or phones with data plans, you'll be able to conveniently call their phone free of charge without having to walk away from your computer.

You will find Tango's sound and video to be high-quality and very impressive. Its controls are also quite easy. The choices let you specify your preference of how you want to sort your contacts, change its skin and install your webcam.

Make calls, send messages or listen to music with Tango.

This is a multi-media app that allows you to do a variety of activities from your phone, such as watching videos, video calling or playing games. You can play games with others who are online or by yourself, and there is an option to send animated images to those you're chatting with.